ToneCare Premium Protection

ToneCare Premium Protection
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Satisfaction Guarantee - 60 Days Return Policy

ToneCare provides peace of mind. It is our Premium Accidental Damage Service and Repair coverage that kicks in the day you receive your ToneWoodAmp and covers repair or replacement of your ToneWoodAmp after our standard manufacturer warranty has expired (after 1-year). On top of extending our manufacturer warranty by 1 year (or 2 years via ToneCare+), it covers the costs of shipping and repair/replacement and adds one instance of accidental damage* coverage, which isn't included with the standard limited warranty. ToneCare is fully refundable within 60-Days if you change your mind.

Coverage options:

  • ToneCare - 2 Year Extended Warranty ($29)
  • ToneCare+ (Plus) - 3 Year Extended Warranty ($49)

ToneCare for ToneWoodAmp
Every ToneWoodAmp comes with a one-year limited warranty. ToneCare extends your coverage to two (or three) years and adds one incident of accidental damage* coverage, (subject to $29 service fee plus applicable tax). In addition, you'll get priority access to ToneWoodAmp experts via chat and phone.

What is included:
Hardware Support
ToneCare provides extended repair or replacement coverage (even if you break it!), both for parts and labor. Service coverage includes the ToneWoodAmp and the included 1/4" cable. With ToneCare you will also get:
  • Priority access to ToneWoodAmp experts via chat or phone.
  • Express Replacement Service & Prepaid Mail-in replacement service:
    • To cut down on your turnaround time, we will send you a replacement ToneWoodAmp immediately after your case is reviewed by our support member (Unless you prefer otherwise)
    • After receiving the replacement unit, you will be able to mail in your other ToneWoodAmp using a Prepaid shipping box and label provided by us.
Software Support
You get direct access to ToneWoodAmp experts for questions on a wide range of topics, including:
  • Configuring the ideal settings for your guitar(s) and playing style
  • Using and modifying effects
  • Connecting to iDevices
  • Help with updates and new features
  • What you should have for dinner tonight... :-)
  • ToneCare can be purchased any time during the 1st year of limited Warranty.
  • ToneCare is fully refundable if purchased during the first 60 days return policy of your ToneWoodAmp. 
Important notes
To enjoy the full benefits of ToneCare you must purchase ToneCare online with your new ToneWoodAmp. Waiting Period: If you purchased ToneCare after the day of your ToneWoodAmp purchase, accidental damage coverage will not be applicable for the first 90 days of purchase of coverage

*Accidental damage doesn't include liquid, sand, or acid damage. 
Each repair is subject to evaluation. 
*ToneCare is not applicable for ToneWoodAmps purchased from other outlets.