Open Box Special! ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Open Box Special! ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Open Box Special! ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Open Box Special! ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Open Box Special! ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Open Box Special! ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Open Box Special! ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Open Box Special! ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Open Box Special! ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Open Box Special! ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Open Box Special! ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar

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For Acoustic guitars equipped with an existing pickup.
Click here if your guitar has no pickup (non-electric.)

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Available in limited quantities, our open box ToneWoodAmps have been fully-inspected, fully-tested, professionally sanitized and come with a full 1-year warranty. Now is your chance to save on the revolutionary acoustic effects device you've been dreaming of—while supplies last!

For Acoustic guitars equipped with an existing pickup. 

Need a pickup, too? Just add the pickup you need to the cart and an automatic discount will apply to your order at checkout when bundled with an Open Box ToneWoodAmp! 



The ToneWoodAmp allows you to play acoustic guitar with different effects, UNPLUGGED – with the effects emanating organically from the guitar’s sound hole and the body itself.


Similar to the way the strings excite the top of the guitar to produce sound, ToneWoodAmp excites the back of the instrument, producing sound waves of effects such as reverb, echo, delay, tremolo and more, which interact with the natural sound of the guitar itself.


The ToneWoodAmp is also a multi-effect processor which you can connect with any Amp/PA system and is also an iDevice interface allowing you to experiment with audio and MIDI apps.


Based on 325 reviews
My congregation notice only after my service.

Used my Tonewood Amp during Rosh Hashanah Services. People said the sound was extra beautiful and asked what we did. There’s a huge market I believed you’re missing. Love to chat more with the Company. This is the greatest effects and easy of use. Should change the future of unplugged acoustics!

Enhancing The Music and The Moments

For the times I don't want to plug in and the Times I do. I have been using my ToneWoodAmp for both Solo and Duo Performances. Love to see the eyebrows rise when the added effects accompany the music plucked around the campfire or patio gatherings when I play.

Works for me

I like the iDevice adapter. I need to find more soft pads to combine with, but other than that I have no complaints.

So good we had to have two

I love the Tonewood. My wife bought me mine for my birthday this year and I love it so much I bought one for my son for his birthday(which is today btw). I’m sure he will love it as much as I do.


Great product

A new and exciting experience

I have been playing my old Martin 000-18 for more than 50 years without any electronic device attached and always appreciated the sound it made. With ToneWood Amp, this experience is renewed and enhanced dramatically. Installation was very easy and was completed in a matter of minutes (I spent an hour+ to install K&K Pure mini pickup). My NiMh rechargeable batteries (Eneloop) seem to last forever...
In a word, I love it.

Love the little box !!

Amazing sound and effects that turn your acoustic guitar to a great amplified sounding instrument with effects like delay, reverb, etc. All through making the body of the guitar resonate as a speaker… I have really enjoyed playing and improvising with the delicious wet sound.

I totally love it

Great product, I soooo enjoy playing again, it's taken me to another level of play after 40 years of looking at my guitar in the corner I'm playing 3 hrs a day now. Thank You

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar

I like it.

I got the Tonewood amp a couple of weeks ago, and have been using it every day since. Installation was straightforward, and with a bit of fine tuning, it sounded great. I am a luthier, so I've got a few nice guitars hanging around the house, but I'm only playing the one with the tonewood, so that says a lot I think. It has transformed the feel of a lot of the stuff I play, and I've written a piece of music because of it already.
I've had a few teething troubles with it clipping and feeding back, but it has enough flexibility in it that I have been able to get it working well.
It sounds great. I mostly use the reverbs, the leslie and the chorus.

Beautifully great

I love my tonewood amp and everyone of my friends that played with it love it too so I think this deserves 5 stars cause of the little magnificent device

Just Plain Brilliant!

I took my time positioning it on my Alvarez LJ2E mini Jumbo due to the curved back, eventually discovering the best location where I could ensure that cone rubber was flat on the back. The factory set effects are great and I haven’t found the need to experiment yet, although it is likely when I do I shall have an even bigger smile on my face! Dry battery consumption is also better than expected. I now play my acoustic more than my electric!

Awesomeness in a box

I love my new tonewood amp. I’m a bit beyond beginner but not intermediate. The sounds coming out of my Alvarez are simply amazing !!

Thanks so much for bringing this to the market. Love it

becoming a guitar geek again

I am 74 years old and just started playing guitar again after a 40+ years layoff. I recently bought a Taylor 214ce and am now jamming with two of my friends on a weekly basis. I had been seeing ads for the TWA online for a while and was curious about it. I was reluctant to spend the money for one without experiencing the TWA in person. I finally had the opportunity to do so and decided to bite the bullet and make the purchase. I have now had my TWA for about two weeks and am very pleased with the unit. It makes practice more fun and makes me want to get better. My Taylor 214ce is a great guitar but the TWA adds another dimension to playing it.

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Awesome Unit!

Its an amazing unit. The one thing that is missing is the chorus effect.

Effin awesome

This amp rocks. My only suggestion to the company is make one with a built in tuner

Old licks

I've been a zero tech porch picker for 50yrs. I'm as good a player as any, and better than most, but the tonewood amp can make anyone a standout player. My guitar friends want to buy an X brace and borrow my amp, my mandolin,bango,violin players tape it to their rigs. You should develop tape on/suction cup something for this market. You've created a new sensation and it's habit forming and I love it.

Good quality

Good product!

TonewoodAmp. A must for acoustic guitar.

I installed it easily, and the fun began. I play alot of guitar. I play out at the Nursing Home's locally. 3 times a week. Very noticeable change in my Sound. It's much more richer in Sound. I still haven't been able to download the new stuff off of your website. I know that would make a huge difference. But as it is right out of the box is amazing. One of my best investments I have made in years. I'm still learning more stuff it can do. I am so glad to find this incredible unit.👍*****. 5 stars.

A whole new dimension to acoustic guitar

A lot to learn but such a difference to live performance so far

Rocking out on an acoustic has never been so fulfilling!

This thing is the real deal. Installation is easy (dry fit it first using tape, and try to get it in a spot as flat as you can, if possible, if the back of the guitar has some curves!) and it sounds absolutely incredible. I can’t put my guitar down. I got an extra x frame for my 12 string and can easily switch between the 2! The magnets are very strong and I have never once been worried about it falling off!! Best $300 I’ve ever spent in my life!!

Gotta have it - them

So sure, you’re practicing and getting the warm ups and finger exercises out of the way, scales. Arpeggios etc. nice! Then. It’s time for repertoire maybe your creative urges. Well that’s when you snap on your handy tone wood - x brace installed in each guitar.
So you’re ready to go with reverb, delay, chorus and the enhancement of the Tonewood dissipates and evaporates the frustration and self imposed denigration you been experiencing because “ you are not very good”. It’s natural ( at least for me) the desire to be perfect. With Tonewood I plug in, dedicate the effort to learn what I learn and then with the push of a button my guitar comes alive and those things I was practicing - lovely. My playing comes alive. In these COVID times self inspiration has never come so easily. Nice tech advance you guys at Tonewood. Thanks- Jai Ram!

Customer Reviews

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works as advertised

Tonewood amp 5 stars

I am not so sure how to put this. It is magical. I would recommend the tonewood amp to anyone. From a beginner to a seasoned pro. Now I don't claim to be a wizard on the guitar but I do know a thing or two. I have this amp on my Zager parlor guitar because it's the one I play most often. The sounds that come out of this guitar now blow my mind. Everyone that has played it can't believe what they are hearing and feeling. Listen if your thinking about buying it just do it. I promise you will not be disappointed. I got nothing for this review. I just want to see someone else enjoy this as much as I do


Open Box Special! ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Everything works great

Works great! Loading and saving is a little complicated, but makes sense after figuring it out. A manual would be really helpful and it did not come with one.

Open box special

Very pleased with the Tonewood amp. It is amazing. The open-box special was well worth the savings. It was as-new and I have no complaints whatsoever.