iDevice adapter for iPhone and iPad

iDevice adapter for iPhone and iPad
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If you want to experiment with audio and MIDI apps using your iOS device, add our unique 3.5 inch iDevice adapter (a standard stereo mini ⅛” cable is also included) 
NOTE: Special 3rd party apps will be required.
View a demonstration of the iDevice capabilities here


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Clever workaround

My best acoustic isn’t electric. I could never be convinced by other soundhole pickups for it, they seem to make acoustics sound so tinny. I definitely like the pairing here between this passive humbucker and the Tonewood Amp device, it sounds great and it’s easy to install. My only gripe is that the pickup wiring is pretty limiting, as you’re only able to hang what’s essentially a very short instrument cable out of the soundhole and run it around to the Tonewood device. It would be a real hassle to use the pickup with anything other than the Tonewood Amp.

But now my best acoustic also gets to play along with the Tonewood Amp, which is awesome.

Best ever addition to any guitar, PERIOD!

It’s impossible to know the full scope of this amp until you play it.

Gift for husband for Christmas

He has wanted one for years and the price always scared him away, so I got it for him. He is going to freak out and get right to playing when he opens it. Thank you to the customer support for helping me several times through the process top notch 100% amazing thank you

I love this amp

I am a worship leader in a church and this amp has revolutionized what we are capable of producing. Thank you!


A+++ quality product

Exceeded my Expectations

A breeze to install, more available sounds/effects than I thought, customer service great, happy I purchased this. Thanks.

Excellent ToneWoodAmp support

Had concerns installing on my Taylor GSmini, which has a curved back. Emailed their support and got excellent recommendations for the placement and setup.


Installed the Fishman Noe-d on my fifty year old Yamaha FG180, awesome sound through the Tonewood amp. I was having trouble installing the update and chorus on my amp, Nicolas in customer service was awesome, he always responded to all my questions promptly and help immensely with other guitars I have. Totally recommend the Tonewood amp and their customer service! Great company!

Great effects with natural sound coming from the soundboard!!

I really love the effects produce by the TWA because the sound are so natural and clear coming from the guitar soundboard!!


Thank you ,, my gtr is in shop getting it put together,, i cant wait!!

Great gear!

Just wish I had more money!

Sooo Fun!

I am having an absolute blast playing. I have had a wonderful experience with my steel string acoustic. I can not testify to the results for Nylon string as I screwed up and did not order the proper pickup for nylon. Having so much fun though for now on my steel. Ordered two more X Braces for other guitars and will order the nylon string pickups...NOW. I hope the nylon pickups perform like the steel string pickup does. Good times had by all. I highly recommend. It does not disappoint. Have fun people.

Flawless, Excellent, as always

Now I can use ToneWoodApm effects on my new baby.
Maton SRS808c sounds amazing.
Installation was a doddel.
Glad I of the second set of stick pads as I got the position wrong first go.
Highly recommend.

Great product

It’s amazing how this works it’s black magic I think

What a fun instrument

It was easy to get started and now I need a second magnetic x for another guitar. Still exploring all it can do.

This thing is incredible

I'm not exaggerating when I say that I'm falling in love with my acoustic guitar all over again. It's just suddenly brought back to life and I don't have to relegate myself to the space where my amp is in my office. Hands down, this is one of the best purchases, if not the best one, I've made for my guitar. My only feedback is some sort of rechargeable system as opposed to batteries. I get why, though maybe even a rechargeable battery pack would work. Well done!

Adds that sparkle

I really enjoy my tonewood amp it adds some extra color to my tone and a bit of volume too. I wasn't sure about it at first but once I got some of the settings dialed in I fell in love. I have yet to do the software update and get the chorus feature but I plan to.

Needed for my 12 string!

Just purchased a new Breedlove 12 string. I have a Breedlove 6 string that I to the Toneamp for in the first place...all I can say is wow! It sounds amazing on a 12 String... thank you for this product! Best thing for an acoustic Guitar I have ever seen!

ToneWoodAmp SOLO + Pickup for non-electric steel or nylon strings acoustic guitars

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electric-Acoustic Guitar

Three thumbs up

Finally a tuner that works, isn’t clunky, and looks good and can be tucked away! I love it. Also pleased with the way the whole screen turns from red to green when you get it right.

Amazing Tech!

For me, it required a bit of tweaking to cut out the feedback frequencies but once accomplished, I was able to boost the gain to max and really make this awesome piece of tech sing! It's a game-changer for your acoustic guitar!

Best 250 I’ve ever spent

Sounded so good i had to buy an additional brace for my other guitars

I absolutely love it, I plan to buy a second magnet for my other acoustic. This is awesome

Husband loves it!

Got it for my husbands birthday and he’s been playing around with it and the effects and sound is amazing! He is a very happy customer.

Customer Reviews

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Works for me

I like the iDevice adapter. I need to find more soft pads to combine with, but other than that I have no complaints.

I totally love it

Great product, I soooo enjoy playing again, it's taken me to another level of play after 40 years of looking at my guitar in the corner I'm playing 3 hrs a day now. Thank You

iPad to Tonewood Amp connectors

Works perfectly with my apps

Wonder Device

I love this thing! It’s perfect for me because I don’t always want to be amplified. This is just a perfect gizmo

Fantastic Product

It’s worth it to take a little extra time to really understand how to use it, because it’s a ton of fun! I recommend watching the entire tonewood amp video manual a couple of times. To unlock all of the idevice potential, you will want to set your tonewood amp parameters properly.