iDevice adapter for iPhone and iPad

iDevice adapter for iPhone and iPad
iDevice adapter for iPhone and iPad

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If you want to experiment with audio and MIDI apps using your iOS device, add our unique 3.5 inch iDevice adapter (a standard stereo mini ⅛” cable is also included) 
NOTE: Special 3rd party apps will be required.
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Really cool way to level up your acoustic guitar sound!

I got this because I wanted a simple solution to adding application and effects to live acoustic playing without having to lug around all the pedals and amps. So I was really interested and curious to put the tone wood amp into action. Once I got it, setup was pretty straightforward. I watched the videos to make sure i did it right and learned how to fine tune the frequencies to reduce feedback. It sounds like a dream, I love it!

It’s a game changer

Since i plugged it onto my acoustic guitar i cannot even think of playing without switching this little magic box on. It’s not cheap, but it will step up your playing forever.

Incredible Tool

This magical device put the curious out back into an acoustic guitar. This is a must-buy!

I approved ToneWoodAmp SOLO

It just changed the way the Electro-Acoustic Guitar sound like. There is an added "it" I couldn't execute on my own.

ToneWoodAmp Amazing Inspirations!

Excellent & Amazing sounds from my nylon string Acoustic guitar 🎸 with ToneWoodAmp!


I like it. Great gadget, not bulky and clear display. Keeps my guitar well tuned.

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Amazing product

It's like giving a intimate concert everytime you play with the tonewood amp . Best buy of the year!! From picking to strumming everything sounds great. Tnx

Great sounds

Extremely useful and the possibilities are endless, a must have for any guitarist. Sounds amazing, run out and get one, I’m glad I did!

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar


It’s a bit pricey, but it’s totally worth it!!. Bought an extra Brace for my other acoustics. Loving it, 10/10🤘🏽🤘🏽.
May get a 2nd one

TonewoodAmp on my acoustic Fender Sonoran

It has brought new joy to playing my guitar.
I am enjoying every minute of it especially when plucking, each note resonates perfectly. This has put a new fresh drive in me to continue writing songs. Its easy and so portable wish I had it years earlier.
Feedback wise, I would prefer a little bit more from the tremelo effect. Thanks again for this genius product🙂🙂

Amazing for a non-pickup guitar

Most of what I'd seen in videos and in reviews was for guitars that had pickups. My Yamaha FG-830 does not, but I love this guitar and have no intention of parting with it. So I decided to take a chance on the amp/pickup bundle. It is absolutely amazing, sounds no different than if I were hooked into an amp. I played for my wife and son with the amp turned off, then turned it on and played again, and they were visibly startled. This is a total keeper!

On a Cello!

I have successfully connected the TWA on my cello. It is an amazing device. Thank you TWA.

pretty cool

I've found that the tonewoodamp makes playing fun again! I've been playing guitar now for over 50 years. I've taken years of private lessons, was a music major in college, have performed in many venues. The discipline required to accomplish the practice to perform at a professional level can become wearisome, to say the least. The tonewoodamp makes playing the acoustic guitar fun again. It is perfect for those small intimate venues where amplification isn't really needed but sound processing/effects is.
The device must be 'dialed in' to realize optimum performance from it though. My steel string acoustic is set up with a Fishman undersaddle piezo pickup with no pre-amp. I've found that even with the master gain set on its lowest setting I still occasionally get the 'clip' indication. This only occurs when I strum hard or percussively.
I find little to complain about the TWA and a lot to like about it. What more can I say?

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Wow Amazing

I am blown away by this amp!!And I have not explored half the things it can do.Great job Tonewood.

It's freegin amazing! If ya play acoustic you'll never stop using it...

Next Level Guitar Sound

This product is honestly amazing. It takes your acoustic guitar to a whole new level. It makes mediocre players sound amazing. I don't understand how it creates so much resonance, buts its really impressive. The setup was really easy, and it doesn't permanently impact your guitar. You can take it right off without issue. I am impressed for sure.

Very much enjoying Tonewood.

Little tricky placement in my Breedlove organic acoustic. The inside battery compartment prevented middle placement so placement is a little off center. Still I’m happy with the reverb plate effect. It gives my guitar beautiful chamber ambience. Haven’t really spent much time with other effects and settings. Enjoying exploring a whole new sound with my guitar. Very satisfied so far.


Getting into it and having some fun doing it!

Additional X-Brace

extra x-Brayce

love my tonewood Ampang didn't want to buy more TW AMPS so I bought multiple x- braces

New user

It took me a while to gather the confidence to put this thing on my guitar. The x brace videos were a big help and was successful on my first try. The second attempt on my 12 string was not so intimidatingly hard. What I was hoping to get was the dial on the pick up to turn it off or on. Tony Dawes had one on his.
Are they available from Tonewood amp? Love the product and the sound I now get from my two guitars. G


That thing is just crazy and so cool. Its fun to play around with all the different settings. I'm having a great time with it. Who ever came up with this thing was a genius!👍

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iPad to Tonewood Amp connectors

Works perfectly with my apps

Wonder Device

I love this thing! It’s perfect for me because I don’t always want to be amplified. This is just a perfect gizmo

Fantastic Product

It’s worth it to take a little extra time to really understand how to use it, because it’s a ton of fun! I recommend watching the entire tonewood amp video manual a couple of times. To unlock all of the idevice potential, you will want to set your tonewood amp parameters properly.